Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reaction Essay About Homeless Shelter Closing

Here is a student essay about the closing of a temporary overflow homeless shelter in the city of Springfield, Illinois.  I'm offering it here without my comments.

The Springfield overflow shelter (SOS) is closing down for the season in a week.  This not only puts people out of jobs but also out of a safe, warm place to sleep and get food.  The closure of the shelter leaves our town with an extra 60 or so people sleeping out on the streets every night.  This now causes more problems for the police who are trying to make the city a safe and clean environment.  So now when they find someone sleeping on the sidewalk, and they tell them that they have to go someplace else where are they supposed to go?  All of the shelters in town (e.g., Salvation Army and Helping Hands) are always full to the max.  The city needs to take all of these factors into consideration before closing down a shelter that houses nearly 60 people a night, every night.  The city should come up with a solution for where these people can go, it is unethical for us to just leave them out on the streets with no place to go for shelter.  I know personally I wouldn’t want to sleep outside even if it was nice, I would want someone to care about me enough to at least give me shelter, and safety.

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