Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Student supports child advocacy plan

This is a student's editorial, and I'm offering it here without my comments.

I would like to argue for Barack Obama's child advocacy plan, and in particular I’m writing to support the aspects of this plan that are related to health. It is astonishing to me that politicians could have such a sensible and useful plan. It was my impression that politicians usually just kissed babies or shook hands with children, and did very little else to help them, since babies and children don’t vote. And yet, here is this child advocacy plan, and it is in the best interest of children throughout America. 

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are devoted promoters for children advocacy. At the website you can read: 

"They will make sure that every child has health insurance, expand educational opportunities for low-income children, extend resources for low-income families, support and supplement our struggling foster care system, and protect children from violence and neglect." 

The health part of their plan is awe-inspiring. It is my favorite part of the plan because children are my passion and providing decent healthcare for children is a very imperative cause. Obama and Biden make it a goal to protect every child with health insurance and health care. At the website we are reminded that, "as a state senator, Obama sponsored and helped pass legislation that expands Illinois’ KidCare program, which provided coverage to 150,000 parents and their children."  The president and vice president are asking Congress to enlarge Medicaid and SCHIP benefits to more children. 

I think that it is extraordinary that Obama and Biden are in favor of supporting healthy lifestyles. This is something that we really need in our society today; fast food restaurants are on every corner in America, and this is not good in a society that is obese. Their website explains:

 "nearly one-third of Americans live in neighborhoods without sidewalks, and less than half of our country’s children have a playground within walking distance of their homes. This lack of a safe place to walk and play is a major contributor to the growing numbers of overweight children." 

Obama makes a great point here, and I believe that if he carries out all of the expectations shown in his health part of the child advocacy plan, America's children will be by far more healthy, which will lead to healthier generations to come.

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