Friday, May 15, 2009

G.I. Bill Improvement

(Here is one student's policy suggestion.)

After a person leaves active military duty they have many resources available, especially when it comes to college. The VA will pay tuition and books, and even offers a minimum of $1,300 a month stipend from the GI bill. But the GI bill is only available to veterans for 10 years after they end active duty. It's my belief that if a veteran is planning on going to school part time, they should be able to get the GI bill no matter how long they've been out of active duty. Many times other factors get in the way and keep a person from going to college right away. Even if a person is aged 60 and fought in a war decades and decades ago (or even if they did't fight in an actual war), they should have that GI bill available to them if they're willing to become enrolled in college full time.

Typically, I'm not supportive of people getting to go to school for free, just based on the fact that I can't go to school for free, so I'm negatively biased towards the whole thing. And while I don't support the war we're in now or some of the wars we've been in in the past, I do believe that if someone is willing to put their life on the line for our country's safety they should be allowed to go to college for free and get that stipend regardless of how long ago they were enlisted in active duty.

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