Friday, May 15, 2009

Student suggests regulations for SSDI recipients

Here is a student's suggestion for a policy related to SSDI.

The policy that I would like to be implemented would be to put regulations on SSDI recipients.  This is especially important, as many SSDI people are going without their medications.  In this policy, SSDI recipients would be assigned a social worker to help them manage their medications, money, etc. I feel that this is especially important because there are many people who receive SSDI that are homeless.  This policy would help to ensure the mental health of these people.  Many people who are currently receiving SSDI are doing so because of mental health reasons.  

Through this policy, I believe that homelessness will decrease.  It is essential for these people to be taken care of.  They have been diagnosed by a doctor in order to receive SSDI, but are not closely monitored to make sure that they are staying current with doctor visits and medications.   

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