Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Student supports CHIPRA

This is a student's editorial, and I'm providing it here without my comments.

Recently the CHIPRA became law again.  CHIPRA is the children’s health insurance protection reauthorization act.  This act gives insurance to many children.  The child’s parents can make up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level.  Many say that this is a waste of tax dollars.  Also, some believe that since we are in a financial bind we should not be supporting more expenses.  The bill has a twist; this program will be funded by a $0.62 cent federal tax on tobacco.  This is a great idea; I’m sure that if you asked citizens whether they would be willing to pay 62 cents more on anything so long as it helped give more children medical benefits most would be more than willing.  The health of our children should be our top priority.  

This policy according to Families USA’s webpage will give 4 million more children health insurance.  That means that there will be 4 million more children with the resources to obtain medicine when they are sick.  This in turn means they will be less likely to spread their illness to other children.  

This bill will also provide them with dental and mental health insurance.  Now legal immigrant children and pregnant women will no longer have to wait on a list to receive this coverage.  Also, this will reduce individual medical bills that before may not have been paid.  This will relieve some stress off the parents, and they will no longer have to choose between buying groceries that week and taking their child to the doctor.  For an extra 62 cents I think this policy is definitely worth it. If you would like to learn more about this policy visit the Families USA website at

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