Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Students asks President to help with health insurance.

I'm offering this student policy proposal without any comments:

I am making a suggestion on the Obama/Biden health care policy.  After reading the policy, I see that there are many of good changes being proposed.  One of these is requiring insurance companies to cover pre-exisiting conditions so that all Americans can get comprehensive benefits at fair and stable premiums.  This is helpful because people will not have to worry about having to find a new insurance provider if they get laid off or fired.  I thinks this and other changes purposed in the policy with help make it a little easier for people to get affordable health care.  

But, I think that students should be included in this policy as well.  I do not know much about how the health care system works but I do know that I am a full time student with two part-time jobs and I practically have no health care insurance.  Before my 23rd birthday, I was covered under my father's insurance but now since I have been dropped from my father's insurance I have insurance through the University I attend.  It doesn't really cover much so I am just trying to stay healthy and hoping that I don't become deathly ill because if I do have to spend some time in the hospital I will be in major debt.

So my suggestion is that the government provide health care coverage for full-time students whether or not they live with their parents.  I think students should receive health care coverage because the students that do live on their own, depending on their major, struggle to work, pay bills, and try to keep up with their school work.  So to have no health care coverage or insufficient coverage puts them in a tight spot. If they happen to get really sick this could potentially make the situation worse.  If the person gets sick and doesn't go to the doctor because they know that they don't have health insurance then they don't get the proper care they need and may possibly get worse to the point that they will be forced to go to the hospital. I know that single mothers who are also students can receive coverage, but I don't think that it is fair that you basically have to have children in order to even receive better health care benefits.  

As for students that live with their parents.  I think that we should receive coverage as well.  Just because I live with my parents does not mean they can afford to pay for my health care as well as theirs.  Just like with school tuition, when I do my taxes every year and fill out my FAFSA, I always receive loans because the government believes that since I live with my parents and they make so much per year that they should be able to contribute to my education.  But in actuality, my parents can't afford to help me pay for college because they also have bills they have to pay. So, I have to take out loans instead.  I just think that if the government helps students by providing decent health insurance it may help take the stress off of struggling students.

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