Monday, May 17, 2010

Student supports health care reform

Second Reaction essay

In my second reaction essay I will be focusing on healthcare. This is a much debated issue in America right now. In my opinion this bill will revolutionize the way we look at healthcare and is a monumental step forward in what we have tried to achieve with healthcare since we passed The Social Security Act of 1935.

Many right wing individuals have been blowing this bill way out of proportion, and I wonder if it is because of their underlying racism that they have learned to ignore throughout their lifetimes, because I have not seen one African American, Chinese American, or any other person of non-traditional European American descent in any of these rallies they are deciding to go through with. It shows me that many Americans are not agreeing with an African American’s viewpoint which will make sure that all Americans will receive the sort of healthcare that is unbiased and more equal than it ever has been before. Every new policy has its flaws, which can be changed over time, and this is one which we will have to live and learn with.

Tea baggers have been protesting this because of misleading propaganda that many government officials have been lying about in the media. One of the main points I would like to make is that millions of Americans do not have insurance, and due to this they do not go to receive medical attention unless they go to an emergency room where they cannot be denied healthcare. [The Census Bureau estimated about 44 million Americans had no health insurance in 2007] If every American had affordable health insurance they would be more apt to visit doctors and have small medical bills with preventative measures they can seek out and take advantage of. Going to an emergency room is substantially higher in cost because they are denied the help before there ailment becomes severe. This means that we are paying out of pocket for procedures that cost $300 dollars for an aspirin, when in a normal doctor’s visit they can tell the patient to buy aspirin themselves at a pharmacy. This is one of the main reasons that healthcare can become more affordable when we take a residual view into the whole medical system and make sure we prevent more illnesses instead of waiting for them to become much more serious and monetarily painful to all Americans.

They are also trying to limit women’s reproductive health in the bill, which should not be taking place. If a woman has a right to choose what method of contraceptive she wants to utilize for herself, many more would be apt to take advantage of this and it would be a preventative measure to ensure fewer abortions are occurring. We need to educate and use vital resources that are available in order to reduce things instead of leaving no options open and having people throwing a devastating life choice, such as abortion, in the individuals face after they have had no options.

This bill may need a lot of adjustments, but that is why new laws always need monitoring and adjusting as we fix problems that may occur in the policy once they have begun, instead of leaving millions of people uninsured, and thousands of people dying because their insurance company drops them after they get an illness because they are too big of a risk to a company who grosses billions of dollars. [A recent report estimated 45,000 deaths in America are preventable and wouldn't happen or would be delayed if everyone had access to health care.]

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