Monday, January 21, 2008

International Adoption and Child Welfare

The Dateline story featuring my sister and brother-in-law evidently was on last night at 6:00 Central time, so I missed it, but some scenes from the program are available at the Dateline website. Take a look at a few minutes of the videos at that website to get a picture of life in Guatemala. There is also a transcript of some of the story filmed with Jennell and Jason.

I can actually tie some of this to a political ideology perspective, to match our reading for this week. Here is a conservative blogger describing a lecture given at Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala City. The blog has some interesting discussion of adoption issues.

The blog also makes some unkind remarks about Venezuela. I often wonder what's really going on in Venezuela. There are many sources on the Internet, evidently funded or run by conservatives and libertarians, who portray Venezuela as a place in a state of collapse, thanks to the misrule of Hugo Chavez. I'm not really a fan of Hugo Chavez, he seems to be a wanna-be tyrant and somewhat anti-democratic. But, to me, I see Chavez as a complex figure who seemingly has some good points, and I don't trust everything I hear about him from conservative sources.

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