Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A social work student's opposition to abortion insurance

            Everyone remembers the huge Roe versus Wade, lawsuit that happen back in 1973, and most know how this court decision made abortion legal. It allowed women to kill the baby up until 3 months of being pregnant. Now there is a proposal suggesting that they are trying to legalize it so it will be okay for abortion to be insured. There are already such policies with  both public and private insurance, where persons with coverage will have their insurance cover the costs of abortion in cases with life threatening situations, with rape or incest, and even if there is a fetal abnormality. There are five states with the insurance plan needing to be private and twelve states that are allowing such abortion insurance for public employees.
            To me this is just not right. I think that people should have better morals that to kill an innocent life that does not have a choice. There is a reason for everything that happens in life. My standing on this idea is obviously against it. I get this from my upbringing in my religious background. I think God has things happening for a reason. There are people that ask where the people that find the cures for cancer are, but to me that is an easy answer. It is the babies that we choose to abort every day. You never know the capability of that baby, but you are willing to risk their life just to spare yours a little bit longer or make yours “easier”. I do not see how one life is better than the other.

Well, you’ve given the standard argument that the value of the life of the unborn child is more important than the convenience of the mother.  Nearly everyone agrees with you late in the pregnancy when the mother’s health isn’t threatened and the child is developing normally and likely to be healthy. But, as we get earlier in the pregnancy, or as the mother’s health is threatened, or as the unborn child’s apparent deformities or health problems seem more severe, fewer and fewer people want to limit abortion, until if you reach the case of a woman who is likely to die if she bears her embryo to term and gives birth, and the embryo itself is likely to have a horrible deformity that will make it almost certainly die within hours of birth, and if the pregnancy is only in the first few weeks after fertilization of the egg, almost everyone will agree that an abortion should be allowed. Where do we draw the line between that situation where nearly everyone opposes an abortion and the situation where nearly everyone supports an abortion?  That’s of course a personal choice.  My personal choice might be very much like yours, as I suspect the sacredness of the life begins early.  But then there is the question of where we want the public (legal) line for abortion to limit abortions. My take on this is that the Creator or the Universe (or stochastic chance) has already set up a situation where perhaps 30% of fertilized human eggs do not end in a live birth, so it’s difficult for me to think that early artificial terminations of pregnancy can really be so objectionable to the Deity (or the Principle of Life Emergent from the Universe). And so, I’m willing to have liberal abortion laws, and leave these decisions up to the mother and the consequences to whatever judgment may come from God (or the cosmos). 

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