Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Reconstruction for LGBTQ community

This is an editorial written by one of my students:

Gay marriage is only recognized in only 37 of the 50 states in the United States today. Now, after a case decided by the Supreme Court, which decided the 14th Amendment's rules about equal protection under the law allows same sex couples to marry, same-sex marriage is legal everywhere, even if there are still 13 states that won't recognize it. Before the new laws and court cases, same-sex couples were only able to be in a domestic partnership or a civil union. This law allowing gay couples to enjoy the legal status of marriage is important to have in place so that everyone in the country has equal rights. The fact that it has to become a law is absurd, but when living in a country where the Constitution is based on what a bunch of racist white men came up with—then it is required. 

The LGBTQ community has come a very long way and are still currently fighting for non-discriminatory rights in the workplace. There are only 22 states in the United States that ban discrimination against someone’s sexual orientation in employment. These are basic rights that everyone should have. There are 25 states that allow marriages between first cousins and six states allow this under certain circumstances. The fact that the laws allowing marrying an intermediate family member were passed before laws allowing marrying the same sex seems completely crazy.

Also, not only is it potentially hard for a member of the LGBTQ community to marry or work to provide for themselves, in many states it is still hard for LGBTQ members to adopt. Only 15 states explicitly allow gay couples to adopt. Also LGBTQ members can’t have same sex conjugal visits unless you are in the state of New York or California. Gay and bisexual men can not even donate blood because of the stereotype that they all carry HIV/AIDS. Businesses can still turn them away because of who they are which is completely unacceptable. Just as there was a reconstruction period for blacks there should be one for the LGBTQ community because they are not going to disappear and they deserve to live a happy life, just as anyone else in this country.

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